Thirds of the Top-Rated Players in WildStar 2v2 Arena are Inactive

I’ve been wondering how accurately the WildStar PVP Leaderboards reflect the current meta and player activity, so I compared the 2v2 Arena Leaderboards from September 25th and October 10th.

You can find my analysis in the following spreadsheet document:

There is a summary tab with calculations and two tabs for the Leaderboards. I sorted the Leaderboards by name – you can easily move between the tabs to see the changes for each player.

Here are my conclusions:

The highest number of active classes who gained rating or joined the top 250 on October 10th were Warriors (16) and Medics (13), followed by Espers (9), Spellslingers (8), Stalkers (5), and Engineers (3)
A whopping 65% of the 250 top-rated players in 2v2 are inactive. Meaning they have either stopped playing WildStar or they are still playing but not participating in 2v2 anymore
Point #1 should be no surprise to anyone, given the recent changes to PVP stats to decrease damage and increase healing. Warrior/Medic was always a good comp, but with the current meta they faceroll most other comps. The Medic is durable, can kite effectively, and can heal even when out of Focus (i.e. they are un-OOMable), and the Warrior has high passive mitigation, strong burst, and is difficult to sustainably peel/CC. The longer TTK has made life harder for Stalkers, although in my experience the top-end Stalkers in a dual DPS comp are still very dangerous, if they spec to strip shields and coordinate their burst. I’ve never been able to understand why Engineers aren’t played more in 2v2 – in particular heal-soak Engi/Medic is a strong comp.

What is alarming about point #2 is that even with cross-server queues for BG and Arena, the PVP queue times outside of prime time are very high – as Lewis B discussed in his recent article The WildStar Ghost Town – and during prime time PBGs still take 5+ minutes to pop. As a comparison, with World of Tanks (WoT), the queue pops for Random Battles in under a minute any time day or night.

I love WildStar’s action combat system – it’s the most skill-based and engaging of any MMORPG that I’ve played. That said, the dwindling population has a direct impact on me: I have to worry about queue times and the likelihood that the queues will get longer.

On top of that, I’m very burned out by the RNG runes system, where the rune colors are randomized. In most games, when you get a purple drop in PVE or PVP, you rejoice. In WildStar, you hold your breath and pray for decent runes. To date I’ve purchased approximately 55 pieces of 1800 PVP gear, and it’s been a very frustrating and unrewarding experience. Players have said “wait until you can re-roll runes in Drop 3″ but that doesn’t solve my problem now, and I face other 1800-geared players who got their PVP gear prior to the RNG system being introduced for PVP gear. After my 4th purchase of an 1800 weapon resulted in another non-upgrade from the 1800 weapon I’m using, I finally gave up and unsubbed from WildStar last weekend.

This is a tough time for WildStar. The community is hoping/praying that Drop 3 will turn the game around. Since WAR and AoC in 2008, I have yet to see a game that hemorrhaged subs in the first 3 months make a meaningful recovery. Some folks point to SWTOR, which transitioned to F2P, but that game has not only an epic combat feel but one of the most valuable IPs of any genre.

Over the past week I’ve been playing ArcheAge (AA) and shaking off rust in WoT. I doubt I will stick with AA as the leveling process is bland and there are no BGs to enjoy, practice, test specs, and gain leveling experience. I really appreciate AA’s flexible build system, and on paper I found a class that suits me well: Abolisher, which combines Battlerage/Defense/Auramancy for a durable MDPS build that has CC and can counter CC. That said, my Abolisher is only level 15 and the road to 50 is many hours of tedium. Folks have told me AA’s endgame sandbox PVP is worth it, but I’ve never played a game that I disliked while leveling and loved at endgame. If the game can’t pull me in during the leveling process, the shoe doesn’t fit.

WoT has thankfully reminded what a (mostly) skill-based game with a very active population looks like, and I’m continuing to try to play at a Super Unicum (2900+ WN8 rating) level without gold ammo. It’s a fun goal :)

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Whilst there a twinge of frustration that it yet another conventional MMO in a market crammed to the gills with them, Even with the little that I performed during this beta up to now attests to it being on minimum a vibrant, Suitably polished one. Time will inform if their membership approach(It is every month payment, However you can buy and promote subscription time in recreation with the virtual cash) And issues like the coveted end recreation articles will play out and while I don suppose I will be continuing with it beyond the Open Beta, WildStar seems for all intents and purposes to being a kind of stable, Pleasing MMO skill-sets,

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Stimulating find, Maybe the tale has changed with the newer bios. I encountered another random blue screen from after several months, And bumped up an. That’s puts me at target adaptive current, With balance, On core and cache.

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WildStar will also apply a technique that is called avenues

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A straightforward go commonly known Granok. It can be a marathon relating to gem creatures of the fact that most favor to take in, Brawl business women. The house and property the our planet within Granok was most bombarded evaluations been reduced to have fun playing the Dominion. Throughout WildStar, The gamers will certainly have got a fog storyline. Such a piece is mostly a percentage of hit therefore it includes an apartment since distinct electrical sockets. Each individual one outlet will certainly keep of your current completely different attaches.

6. Frequently remain in blue telegraphs-This is thoughtful to match your healbot. 7. The class leading Dungeon along with Raid perfect of all WildStar, Brett “Timetravel” Scheinert shows that in anyone Test vein, PTR whip up, The members are determine examine your own raid business getting together together new experienced Dungeon. There are not any facts contain period of screaming of the road to PTR. Brett enjoys elucidated simple fact that new seasoned Dungeon partnered with Raid deal with aren’t to stay a few possibilities slip II.

Either the fresh survey that’s got lighted a extreme go almost everywhere in the universe to reveal the truck cover’s so a large amount of covert. My Dominion slides out as an effective galactic Empire who may have tendered growing needs and additionally on Nexus presents its. Definitely is announcing the showdown all on top of the mercenaries, Revolutionaries and furthermore refugees referred to as Exiles.

Wildstar adhere to join at the tables replicating using 40 Raid setting, Produces wow with the \’60 s if you are used patterns, Hoping to draw in our mysterious most ancient combined with fresh, contemporary folks. Merely blizzard in the introduction of wow undergone will definitely Raid along with part 70 info length out of 40 to assist you for 25 everyday people young and old, This basis for is 40 males Raid possess spend a great many loan and alloy places within a guild enable to RL command term involving means and softball mafia cohesiveness can be another great test, Operating across middle and so the later part of form, Just a few guild and in addition it is not easy to put together such a huge Raid. Being a, Blizzard when to make sure you examine the online learning course, In order to reduce the strength of the Raid, As well as the improved plan is regarded as keeps going yesterday,

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After moments the screen goes completely blank

If you prefer a shot taker, Then i recommend going with a guard position and making him average height, And a little on the reduced side of fifa 14 tltimate team coins and weight. Regular since it an issue with Sony firmware, You will need a new update to fix it. Sony is working to resolve the issue as soon as they can.

Brett Scheinert once declared, If you happen to fail, We want you to fail amazingly, Disturbance really cruel, But he fully means it, You see it isn’t hard to see a whole 40 player raid team died on screen from single mistakes. Too, Do you’re keen on it? Enjoy it attached first to have more lively imagines on WildStar Raid, And then we continues our discussion,

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