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A content rich winter in RuneScape

Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape. We have all the details about the new winter update for you!
Jagex Game Studio, creators of fantasy MMORPG RuneScape, today announced this winter in a lot of fresh content for the title, including a new frosty bosses and snowboards.
The “Festive Cheer” event invites players after a conversation with Santa Claus you to participate in various activities. So some players are working on a huge Christmas cracker of a total of 250,000 sheets of paper. If the cracker completed, players are invited to ignite it together and gifts to share.
Also new is a boss monster that was baptized by the players during the “players to power” initiative “Snowverload”. If this creature defeated in a snowball fight, players get more paper for the completion of crackers. In addition, you can snowboard in RuneScape now available once you have redeemed the snowboard in the snow queen. By completing tricks later even improved snowboards can be unlocked.
The month of December is also the culmination of RuneScape’s charity event in partnership with the international aid agency Oxfam: During the whole month, players can make each other gifts in the form of in-game Bonds, which are then converted into real-world donations.

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