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Mass milling introduced in 6.2

I don’t know about you, but I waited for this feature since the Inscription profession was introduced to the game and everyone had to deal with stacks and stacks of herbs.. There was a similar need for ores when prospecting was a thing, but at the moment, in WoD we don’t have to prospect the ore to get our gems.

At first there were people who requested some milling machine where you could dump all your herbs and mill them all at once. Some others requested some Horadric-Cube-like item (inspired by Diablo 2) that you could use for the same purpose, to mass mill those herbs.

The Warlords of Draenor expansion increased the stack size of herbs and inks, but the milling was still a boring process. Now, with the upcoming 6.2 patch everything should be fixed.

We will have a recipe for each Draenor herb:

Recipe: Mass Mill Fireweed
Recipe: Mass Mill Talador Orchid
Recipe: Mass Mill Nagrand Arrowbloom
Recipe: Mass Mill Gorgrond Flytrap
Recipe: Mass Mill Starflower
Recipe: Mass Mill Frostweed
This is how everything will work with these new recipes:

You can mill 20 herbs at a time with one cast.
Currently this works only for Draenor herbs.
Since this is a recipe, we should be able to use the “Create All” button to queue all the herbs of the same type for milling.
I’m not really sure where can we get these recipes from. Maybe we’ll get them automatically and no action will be required, maybe the garrison scribe will sell them to us or maybe we’ll get them from the herb NPC that randomly spawns in our garrison. Either way, I’m pretty sure this is something every scribe needs.

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