Snail Games to return to hardcore MMO game has a new game announcement

Snail Games USA Today mobile gaming market lifted the lid following years of exploration, some of the incredibly exciting project in the MMO space. Their roots are the most popular MMORPG game snail game developers have confirmed that the United States aimed at hardcore gaming on the PC market, the new project.

Unreal Engine 4 and developed a sequel to martial arts, the first new American launch title game snail’s age is popular martial arts era II. As a martial arts II hardcore sandbox MMO experience before the age built on the success of a more immersive environment, better detailed textures, new visual effects, new role players a host and a giant sandbox in the world. to explore and conquer.

Snail Games from the United States, Age of Sail II another sandbox title: Pirates Sail survival is the sequel to the popular era, allowing the player to experience the pirate ship and the lives of custom-designed, user-controlled fleet, base construction.

Last but not least is the savage horizon. Stone sea snail game CEO, said: “If we say that human resource configurations Online is a high degree of freedom of the virtual community, savage horizon will be a virtual reality world.” Save Horizon will have a huge 15,000 miles of game world players can build cities, destroy the enemy, fighting fantasy creatures, and joined the order and disorder control ending battle between the factions.

More details will soon be introduced, but all three games played in the last half of 2016.

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Eternal Crusade creative director left the project

Varian sobered as he hung up his leather chest piece. “My father tried to protect me, too. Didn’t work. The realities of life have a way of intruding.” He looked at Arthas. “I’m trained to fight. I’m not trained to teach fighting. I might hurt you.”

David Ghozland, creative director of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusaders, leaving the project. In the eternal crusade forum, he said the following communities:

Warhammer 40,000 I leave today I tell you a heavy heart: the eternal crusade. I have been honored to be your creative director in the past 2 years. I gave up as I can on this project, I was proud of what the team within the project limits can be achieved. I know there will be a lot of left nearly α and the team have a credible plan to provide a great game, next year. I do not know what I what to do next, but there are many exciting opportunities, I am currently considering. I want to thank you and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal firm support punitive expeditions, and for the journey experience and emotion. See you soon in closed alpha battlefield!

Ghozland has been completed on schedule in his employment projects amazing job, and I’m sure he will be community and other members of the team are not to be missed. For those of you who do not know, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade for the upcoming sci-fi MMO third-person shooter based on Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 setting company. Game closed beta will be available only to founder, he emphasized the dedication and involvement of team founder’s intentions in the development process. Games will be available to the public in 2016.

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If you were hoping that Skyforge had left its earlier server issues behind and a glorious new future awaited it free of queues, disconnections, or lag, we have some bad news for you. Another rash of server problems have hit the game, and producer Aaron Biedma wrote a brief letter to the community last night stating that the current state of the servers for the game is simply unacceptable.

Fixing the problem will require setting up additional server hardware and upgrading both the game’s client and the server software to provide greater stability. Of course, the process of upgrading all of this will result in more instability and maintenance, so it’s one of those “big picture” things. Still, if the net result is that Skyforge can move on to a better and less server-crippled state, that’s a net positive.

And if you don’t think so, maybe you’ll be soothed by the promise of “special in-game gift[s] to thank players for their ongoing patience and understanding as the team weathers these growing pains.”


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Lumbridge Gets A Summer Makeover In RuneScape


Jagex Games Studio today announced the release of an exciting new content update for the ever-popular world of RuneScape as the previously desolate environment of the Lumbridge Crater has received a much welcomed facelift just in time for Summer. What was once a thriving newbie welcoming town, Lumbridge recently fell victim to a catastrophic event following the epic battle between two of RuneScape’s most powerful gods, it has since been reduced to a mere hole in the ground. However, all hope is not lost as the community of RuneScape have come together to create a small corner of paradise in the aftermath of the Lumbridge battle.

Players can look forward to a number of unique and exciting Summer-themed events and activities to get involved in including sandcastle building, fishing in rock pools, beach grills and even a legendary coconut shy. Each activity in the RuneScape Summer event will provide experience points based on the skills involved in the activities accompanied by further rewards such as Summer Emotes and unique cosmetic items.

It’s not all fun and games however as every hour Clawdia, a giant beach boss monster, will appear and will need the collective efforts of many players to take her down. Defeating Clawdia quickly will reward participants with better loot such as ice creams and cooling cocktails.

The RuneScape Summer event is already underway and is scheduled to run through until August 31st.


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League of Angels Fire Raiders Emblem and Guild Treasures Coming Soon

Behind every successful league, there is a powerful angel. League of Angels-Fire Raiders will soon release two new features: Emblem and Guild Treasure Raids! Come find out more from the Angel of Protection.

To further increase the power of the league and to utilize all heroes in the advancement of the team, we are proud to introduce the Emblem Function. The Emblem Function of《League of Angles-Fire Raiders》is unique in that it grants emblem to specific types of heroes!

Guild Instance – Guild Treasure Unlocked

Guild Treasure has long been looked forward to. In the new version, Guild Treasure will be unlocked along with a new GVE method of play that encourages guild members to share goals and conquer them together. Aside from the rewards, it is a good way to bring players together and increase activity within the guild.
Guild Instances are made up of multiple chapters and stages. The daily target is set by the leader or vice leader of the guild a day in advance. Players gets a reward with each challenge. Once the daily target is reached, each player gets to choose a treasure chest to open that contains a random reward.
At the same time we have designed three rankings(Personal Daily Ranking, Personal Aggregate Ranking and Guild Aggregate Ranking) and Instance Shop. Battle in Guild Instance and gain Emblem Exp, Guild Instance Coin, Gold and Limitless Item.

Ancient Arena – New competition

The new version of “Ancient Arena” will get rid of the old system of single team combat and will instead employ a three team combat system. When the player accesses the Ancient Arena, the game will automatically distribute 3 heroes and 3 angels with the highest BR in 3 separate teams, then the player will have the option to complete the rest of the formation with 1 click. This formation will be the player’s defensive formation. The player can alter formation according to the opponent’s team set up.


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