Have much FUT coins cost on average

It’s fantastic to know how much FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins cost on average,right?Here we have been monitoring prices in a dozen different websites for more than a year. You could also find some guides to buy fifa 15 coins here.

From the beginning of the game until its very end, fifa coins tend to get cheaper. This tendency is slightly affected in the late May because that’s when the first Team of the Season comes out. In the late September, when the game is released, there are few coin sellers with a stock, hence the tremendous prices. On the next month you’ll already be able to see a significant fall, the price stays at around 10 euros per 100k coins until it’s Christmas. Given 9 months, when the new FIFA is about to be released, the coins will hit their historic minimum price, it’ll be far from what you’ve seen all year.

This estimated average was made using FUT 14 as basis. Compared to last year, prices now are a bit lower. Now, comparing to FUT 13 and previous games, although these averages aren’t very different to each other, there’s been a higher amplitude along the current year.

As you can see, prices vary according to platform. Playstation coins cost about 15% less than Xbox ones, while PC prices are closer to hit one third of Microsoft’s. Since the cards’ prices inflate on the mobile market, coins for Android and iOS are way cheaper. It’s important that people are aware of the possibilities of coin usage. Since the consoles of same platforms share the same market, prices are equal for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, and the same happens between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

11 Have much FUT coins cost on average

On our research, the lowest selling prices were practised by ‘particular’ players and not by one of the several coin-selling websites there are. However, in these cases the risks raise dramatically. We advise you not to buy from one person unless you really trust them.

The same way you buy coins somewhere, you can also sell them. Obviously you’ll have to sell cheaper because most coin-selling websites use profit margins of up to 60%. If you want to know how much you might be able to earn, multiply the website’s price by 0,4. Not much, right? Also, be warned that most people won’t buy in amounts less than 500k coins.

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FIFA World Cup Fever Begins In New York

The teams are divided into eight four team groups, each of which plays a round robin tournament before the top two advance. Then, single elimination will continue until a champion is crowned.

The Americans start with a match against England tomorrow afternoon.

Fans gathered at the South African restaurant Madiba in Fort Greene to cheer on the home team.

“We’re celebrating because the first goal of the season was for [former South African President Nelson Mandela],” said Madiba owner Mark Henegran. “The first goal was a victory for us. We’re going to carry on like this for a month.”

“I’m very proudly South African right now,” said Chantel Frizzle, a South African New Yorker. “I wish that I could be in South Africa right now, instead of here. But Madiba is my second family and being here is just as special for me at this point. It is chaos in there.”

“Moments like this make me proud to be a South African,” said Adel Grobler. “I’m glad I can share it with my fellow South Africans in New York. I think it represents unity. It’s a rainbow nation that’s coming together to play.”

It is the first time the World Cup is being held on the African continent.

“I am not a soccer fan but I think this is a major thing for South Africa and very positive thing for the country and the continent and everyone is so excited,” said a Madiba customer.

Meanwhile, customers watching the tie game in a Mexican restaurant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn were thrilled at watching their fellow countrymen play.

“We expected to win because I think Mexico has better futbol [soccer team] than South Africa, but we’ll take the tie, and we’ll see what happens with France and Uruguay right now,” said one customer.

“I was scared at first. I thought we wasn’t going to win, but then when I saw Mexico put in that goal, it was okay,” said another.

French supporters in SoHo, Manhattan and fans of Uruguay in Jackson Heights, Queens also had plenty of reactions to the first day of World Cup play.

“It’s great, I love it. The environment is really high energy and it’s a lot of fun surrounded by friends and we get to watch a great game,” said a viewer. Even though, you know, we were hoping France was going to win, it ended up to be a good game.”

“The World Cup for Uruguay as a Uruguayan is very important because it means a lot to such a small country. We hope at least to go to the finals,” said another viewer.

The world tournament started on a sad note, as Mandela’s 13 year old great granddaughter was killed in a car crash on her way home from a World Cup kickoff concert. Mandela then decided to skip the opening ceremony.

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