Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 Hero Missing Bug Happens on Xbox One

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.0 has been available on PS4 and Xbox One Ultimate Evil Edition. To celebrate this joyful moment, Blizzard will offer all payers more bonuses on all consoles. But unfortunately, item missing in Patch 2.1 corrodes everywhere on Xbox One Ultimate Evil Edition.
Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 with rewards available on all consoles

Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 was released on all consoles. To commemorate this release, each generation of consoles received different bonuses. Differently, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition with Patch 2.1 is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Out of the above reason, players on PS4 and Xbox one are allowed to gain double Treasure Goblin spawns before October 17 at 12:00 a.m. PDT.

Heroes lost on Xbox One Patch 2.1

Recently, many players have reported that their hero saves have been lost since the release of patch 2.1.0 on Xbox One. Besides, some players have also reflected that a duplicate of their hero with new items appear on the Hero selection screen, but they cannot enter a game with that character. It seems all these issues just happen on heroes’ inventories.

What to do with these issues for Blizzard?

Once this issue comes up, Blizzard announced that they had identified the cause of this bug and had been finding ways to fix it. Although they still cannot know clearly why it happens, they have come up with a solution to correct the issue:
1. Delete either instance of the duplicated hero in the Hero list
2. Back out to Press Start
3. Proceed back to Main Menu
But everyone should know that, these steps will prevent further instances of this bug occurring, but will not restore any items that were lost as a result currently.
In addition, the developers need your help to fix this bug. So every player running into this issue can report the details of your log-in, like what console you play on, whether your console is connected to the internet, and whether you are playing in multiplayer games, single player or some of both etc.

Except for Xbox One, other consoles work as usual. So you still have a chance to gain double Treasure Goblin spawns on PS4 or a +100% bonus to EXP on Xbox 360 and PS3. Buy Diablo 3 gold cheap and fast at for the generous rewards.

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Off to Buy Gold Online WOW for Patch 6.2

Are you preparing for Warcraft of Draenor flying mounts? You will be able to collect Tanaan Jungle reputations once WOW 6.2 patch arrives next Tuesday, along with Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties. Moreover, Wowtoes will offer you cheap gold on wow with 8% discount code “WOWFOH” in limited time to make you unlock flying mounts in Draenor easily. Let’s see what you can do with cheap fast wow gold after patch 6.2 release.
1. Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties unlocks.
With the release of patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire, Raid Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties will also be available in Warclords of Draenor. Afterwards, Mythic difficulty will become available on June 30, with Raid Finder Wing 1.

2. Tanaan Jungle will be available to raise reputations to Revered.
You may have finished up all requirements to earn the ability of flight in Warlords of Draenor, except for Revered Tanaan Jungle Reps. Once patch 6.2 releases, players will be able to raise three Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered. It may take a bit of time and gold in world of warcraft, so prepare yourself well in advance.

3. New meta-achievement will comes afterwards.
Of course, finishing up all requirements, including Tanaan Jungle reps, cannot make people fly in Draenor unless a minor patch 6.2.x launches, not the patch itself on Tuesday. But it would not be long to wait. And all players had better to prepare all things to sit and watch.
If you haven’t met other requirements yet, you should download handy maps with the Draenor Treasure addon if you still need treasures. It will give you enough treasures while leveling.

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Massively, WoW Insider Resurrected As New Sites

AOL shut down their gaming sites Massively and WoW Insider earlier this week. However, both sites will live on as independent publications.

Five of WoW Insider’s alumni have launched Blizzard Watch, a site devoted to covering not only World of Warcraft but also other Blizzard games like Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm. In truth, this new title’s a more appropriate one as they often discussed those other games back on WoW Insider as well.

“The key point is we’ll have more freedom,” said editor-in-chief Alex Ziebart in one of the site’s introductory posts. “Freedom to change our structure when the situation necessitates it, the ability to fix our own technical problems without jumping through support hoops, and the freedom to have other types of content if we think they’ll be fun. We can choose which technologies we use in our content production rather than the media avenues provided by a parent company. We can generally be more agile. Free of our corporate shackles, we’ll be able to dive back into creating awesome content with renewed passion for what we do. Most importantly, we can cover all aspects of WoW and Blizzard games that you know and love without limitations.”

Blizzard Watch is primarily supported through crowdfunding site Patreon. Patrons have pledged over $13,000 in monthly funding for the site thus far. This allows BW not only to pay their staff to create news and features but also bring in contributors for regular columns on WoW classes and Blizzard’s other games.

MMO website Massively, meanwhile, is being revived as Massively Overpowered. Their site hasn’t launched just yet but their Kickstarter page is now live.

“The former Massively crew is not giving up so easily. We provided a unique lens through which to view MMORPGs, with diligent editorial oversight, honest opinions, and truly independent coverage, and we did so sustainably. We’d like to keep on doing what we were doing only better, not just because we love MMO blogging but because we know that our community and the greater MMO fandom is unique and worth serving.”

Their Kickstarter page estimates that original content will be published on MassivelyOP.net starting next week. Their podcast, formerly known as Massively Speaking, should return around the same time.

Massively and WoW Insider were shut down by AOL as part of a wider effort to cut costs. General gaming site Joystiq was also shuttered as part of that move. Writers for all three sites were officially let go this Tuesday.

Unlike Massively and WoW Insider, though, Joystiq still lives on in a way through sister site Engadget. While most of Joystiq’s staff was let go by AOL, senior reporter Jess Conditt and community manager Anthony John Agnello are now producing video game coverage for Engadget. For example, Conditt just wrote a story about the huge amount of money that Braid creator Jonathan Blow has spent on his new game The Witness.

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Mass milling introduced in 6.2

I don’t know about you, but I waited for this feature since the Inscription profession was introduced to the game and everyone had to deal with stacks and stacks of herbs.. There was a similar need for ores when prospecting was a thing, but at the moment, in WoD we don’t have to prospect the ore to get our gems.

At first there were people who requested some milling machine where you could dump all your herbs and mill them all at once. Some others requested some Horadric-Cube-like item (inspired by Diablo 2) that you could use for the same purpose, to mass mill those herbs.

The Warlords of Draenor expansion increased the stack size of herbs and inks, but the milling was still a boring process. Now, with the upcoming 6.2 patch everything should be fixed.

We will have a recipe for each Draenor herb:

Recipe: Mass Mill Fireweed
Recipe: Mass Mill Talador Orchid
Recipe: Mass Mill Nagrand Arrowbloom
Recipe: Mass Mill Gorgrond Flytrap
Recipe: Mass Mill Starflower
Recipe: Mass Mill Frostweed
This is how everything will work with these new recipes:

You can mill 20 herbs at a time with one cast.
Currently this works only for Draenor herbs.
Since this is a recipe, we should be able to use the “Create All” button to queue all the herbs of the same type for milling.
I’m not really sure where can we get these recipes from. Maybe we’ll get them automatically and no action will be required, maybe the garrison scribe will sell them to us or maybe we’ll get them from the herb NPC that randomly spawns in our garrison. Either way, I’m pretty sure this is something every scribe needs.

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RS3 Summer Bonuses: Enjoy the Game with Summer Sweepstake & Smouldering Lamps

Runescape updates coming one after another in summer – Followed by the introduction of Summer Special Membership, Summer Sweepstake & Smouldering Lamps were brought out with more bonuses and XP gains. Stock rs 3 gold cheap on RS3gold and get ready to show your ability!
Summer Sweepstake with top-rate computer set

1. Prizes:
First prize: a top-of-the-range Alienware laptop for winner
Second prize: a Razer Chroma Suite, including a BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, Kraken Chroma headset, and Naga Epic Chroma mouse
Third prize: a Razer goodie-bag with assorted Razer products.
If you missed the Cooler Mater Set in Community Road Trip, it is another chance for you to get top-rate computer set for upcoming contents.

2. Entry way:
You can head to the competition page on official Facebook. And you can also share the competition on official Facebook and Twitter to gain more entries (every entry using your providing link would grant you two additional entries).
Please noteentries of this sweepstake will close at 23.59 BST on June 8th, 2015, so seize time and you can share more to increase your chance of winning!

Smouldering Lamps with more experience

The coming Smouldering Lamps in Treasure Hunter seem compensation for the nerfed Enlightenment Aura due to the XP-boosting marvels they will provide.

1. Effect of Smouldering Lamps
Firstly, Smouldering lamps are best used on skills where you already have Bonus XP, since they can convert the Bonus XP into regular XP directly without doing skills, so it is good for players who have much xp for the skills that haven’t done.
Secondly, they’ll give you XP like an ordinary lamp, so you can also use them on skills with no Bonus XP. To get the most out of them, though, you’ll want to burn through some of that XP you’ve stored up.

2. Available time
It is available from 00:00 UTC (game time) on the 28th of May until 23:59 UTC on the 2nd of June.

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A content rich winter in RuneScape

Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape. We have all the details about the new winter update for you!
Jagex Game Studio, creators of fantasy MMORPG RuneScape, today announced this winter in a lot of fresh content for the title, including a new frosty bosses and snowboards.
The “Festive Cheer” event invites players after a conversation with Santa Claus you to participate in various activities. So some players are working on a huge Christmas cracker of a total of 250,000 sheets of paper. If the cracker completed, players are invited to ignite it together and gifts to share.
Also new is a boss monster that was baptized by the players during the “players to power” initiative “Snowverload”. If this creature defeated in a snowball fight, players get more paper for the completion of crackers. In addition, you can snowboard in RuneScape now available once you have redeemed the snowboard in the snow queen. By completing tricks later even improved snowboards can be unlocked.
The month of December is also the culmination of RuneScape’s charity event in partnership with the international aid agency Oxfam: During the whole month, players can make each other gifts in the form of in-game Bonds, which are then converted into real-world donations.

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Broken Minds Runescape New Game Content Suggestion

Here we get a suggestion from one of our RS Gold players who give a nice idea for new game content, Broken Minds.Take a look at this.

Broken Minds is a miniquest that follows up on the story and the environment of Broken Home. It requires the completion of Broken Home and sees you back to the hidden Asylum deep below the Gulvas Mansion at the prompting of Senecianus.

Once you answer his call, you will be sent on a wild mission into the depths of the Senntisten Asylum, discover the research of the long-dead Mahjarrat, Nabor and attempt to uncover the truth of what happened to Senecianus as you do so.

Nothing is as safe as it seems. As you begin to poke around the remains of the Asylum, you inadvertently awaken the souls of the long-dead inhabitants. Finding yourself trapped in this newly active Asylum, can you defend against the spirits of the Asylum surgeon and escape their fiendish puzzle, or will you succumb to their Broken Minds?

Its content would largely involve some atmospheric adventuring, with a ghoulish theme, and then a tricky puzzle to solve. It would also expand on Zarosian and Sentisten lore, and expand on the Asylum itself.

Also it would take the chance to allow the developers of Broken Home to add the small additional books and dialogue they wished to with the original scope of the quest.

You are able to get these rewards once you complete it, New hidden shortcuts for Broken Home replays, A small increased proc chance for your Asylum Doctor and Surgeon rings, a large Prismatic Lamp, several books of lore including one about Nabor the Mahjarrat and Tiny Nabor pet.

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