Snail Games to return to hardcore MMO game has a new game announcement

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Snail Games USA Today mobile gaming market lifted the lid following years of exploration, some of the incredibly exciting project in the MMO space. Their roots are the most popular MMORPG game snail game developers have confirmed that the United States aimed at hardcore gaming on the PC market, the new project.

Unreal Engine 4 and developed a sequel to martial arts, the first new American launch title game snail’s age is popular martial arts era II. As a martial arts II hardcore sandbox MMO experience before the age built on the success of a more immersive environment, better detailed textures, new visual effects, new role players a host and a giant sandbox in the world. to explore and conquer.

Snail Games from the United States, Age of Sail II another sandbox title: Pirates Sail survival is the sequel to the popular era, allowing the player to experience the pirate ship and the lives of custom-designed, user-controlled fleet, base construction.

Last but not least is the savage horizon. Stone sea snail game CEO, said: “If we say that human resource configurations Online is a high degree of freedom of the virtual community, savage horizon will be a virtual reality world.” Save Horizon will have a huge 15,000 miles of game world players can build cities, destroy the enemy, fighting fantasy creatures, and joined the order and disorder control ending battle between the factions.

More details will soon be introduced, but all three games played in the last half of 2016.

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