Broken Minds Runescape New Game Content Suggestion

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Here we get a suggestion from one of our RS Gold players who give a nice idea for new game content, Broken Minds.Take a look at this.

Broken Minds is a miniquest that follows up on the story and the environment of Broken Home. It requires the completion of Broken Home and sees you back to the hidden Asylum deep below the Gulvas Mansion at the prompting of Senecianus.

Once you answer his call, you will be sent on a wild mission into the depths of the Senntisten Asylum, discover the research of the long-dead Mahjarrat, Nabor and attempt to uncover the truth of what happened to Senecianus as you do so.

Nothing is as safe as it seems. As you begin to poke around the remains of the Asylum, you inadvertently awaken the souls of the long-dead inhabitants. Finding yourself trapped in this newly active Asylum, can you defend against the spirits of the Asylum surgeon and escape their fiendish puzzle, or will you succumb to their Broken Minds?

Its content would largely involve some atmospheric adventuring, with a ghoulish theme, and then a tricky puzzle to solve. It would also expand on Zarosian and Sentisten lore, and expand on the Asylum itself.

Also it would take the chance to allow the developers of Broken Home to add the small additional books and dialogue they wished to with the original scope of the quest.

You are able to get these rewards once you complete it, New hidden shortcuts for Broken Home replays, A small increased proc chance for your Asylum Doctor and Surgeon rings, a large Prismatic Lamp, several books of lore including one about Nabor the Mahjarrat and Tiny Nabor pet.

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